Urban Media Global Network Collective Architect & Founder Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. founded UMG Artist in January 2019 and is no stranger to the music industry to help musicians grow in there craft of branding, marketing, networking and creative concept design and development.

Urban Media Global Artist is one of the fastest growing Indie Major Artist Development Companies, Artist Entertainment Talent Services Agency, and Artist Management companies in the United States that caters to the underdogs who have talent but not enough resources. We offer our entire roster of musicians Digital Management, Booking Management, Tour Management, Radio Rotation, Syndicated Programming of Interviews, Videos, Music, Galleries, etc. Our diverse roster covers all genres of music. The benefit of working with UMG Artist is the approach of knowing we are the outlet to major plugs. Our artists music has reached listeners as far as Mexico, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, South Korea, London, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we’re blessed with our roster and the talents we have with the ability to reach fans worldwide. We have  the power, the market and skills to entertain fans worldwide with our family and all of our associations to multiple industries.

Are you a musician looking to get more exposure and don’t want to hurt your pockets with promotion, marketing and advertisement? Urban Media Global Network Collective offers musicians to submit there video to a cross advertisement collective music network that syndicates across the worldwide web. Do you want to have a voice in your field of being a musician? Inquire for more information if your interested in getting more for your buck and reaching a further audience. Our architects and design developers at Urban Media Global Network Collective look to further your success with a marketing promotion that is beyond comprehension. What the team looks to do is advertise you using your (embeds, Source Coding or Site Feed) across multi platforms to get more viewership for your hard earned dollar. 


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