Public Service  Announcement: Independent Musicians Revolting to take there craft to the next level with the industries first digital media syndication application platform integration consultant Mr. Dope Chef.  

December 8, 2016 – New York – Urban Media Global Network Collective links up with Mike Milly D.O.D. with digital media management and web design and development taking the musicians craft to new heights and the next level of promotion, marketing and syndication to record labels as well as getting the musician played on radio stations.

Architect & Founder of Urban Media Global Network Collective certified Milly’s music on the spot as “Official and what the streets have been waiting for!” Mr. Dope Chef is a key in bringing the development side to the forefront to get me out there more so I can perfect my craft of being a full time musician and supporting my family, love ones and close friends said Milly D.O.D during a intake consultant interview.

Be on a look out for the latest and up to date news on this rising star musician. Please do comment share and like this page to support independent musicians world wide that grind to tell a story and make fan relate to times that may seem hard or to fill a void with a melody of emotion and passion, take time to appreciate music made from the inner streets to reflect trials and tribulations of a artist…..Milly D.o.D.